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I like to draw, especially Minecraft! OwO

Which game do you think it's scarier? 

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7 deviants said Bendy and the Ink Machine
3 deviants said Five Nights at Freddy's
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what do you want?
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H0I! I'm Bob!
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Good artist!
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So, this is a old MCSM AU where I haven't told you, I can explain, I was watching one day at Dragondude03's UT AU where she was using MCSM characters and I thought "Why not to make a MCSM AU where I'll use UT characters?", she helped me, and few days ago I thought the name for it, Minecraft: Undertale Mode, now I'll show the list for everyone for this AU, I'll start with the order of the stone:

Gabriel - Gerson
Magnus - Undyne
Ellegard - Alphys
Ivor - Flowey
Soren - Asgore
Jesse - Frisk (obviously)
Axel - Monster Kid (he'll be know as Axel tho)
Olivia - Napstablook
Reuben - Temmie
Petra - Mettaton
Lukas - Asriel
Aiden - Chara
Maya - Muffet
Gill - So Sorry (Again, the original MCSM name, not UT character name)
Calvin (The one who controls the levers) - Nice Cream Guy (going to be know as the original MCSM character's name)
Mabel (That one cow thrower from Redstonia) - Burgerpant
Auto Farmer (That one who plants sugarcane in Redstonia) - Bratty
Sandy (The one who flew up) - Catty
Milo - Sans
Reggie - Papyrus
Misa (the founder) - Toriel
Cassie Rose - Glyde
Winslow - Tobby Fox (the annoying dog)
LDShadowLady (Lizzie) - Snowdin Shopkeeper (going to be known as Lizzie)
StacyPlays - Snowdin Innkeeper (going to be known as Stacy)
Harper - Gaster
PAMA - Core
Hadrian - Mad Dummy
Otto - Grillby

So that's all for now! Sweating a little... 


I saw the chapter 2 of BATIM and I have to say I was impressed, really, I LOVED IT, it was awesome! More danger, adventure, and even the end, and I thought that motherfucker is dead
i'm really sad rn, i just found out that SpasDragonStudios hate me as person, i found out when i was talking to her bf, I was hoping so much that i can befriend her, I found out that I was just a fool in reality, there's no way that i can make her change her feeling, there's no way

P.S.: VP don't think I and her bf are wrong, he know everything about her
who wanna play MC with me?
I forgot to tell you something, MY SPRING BREAK STARTED TODAY!!!
Guys, something weird and cool too happened to me today, I was to one of BabyWitherBoo's CWS OTA (…) and I wanted the 1st one, but she said it expired and she thought she could give to me for free and the rest of them she will keep them, so I have 1 normal wither (Mames' Wither form), 1 Corrupted WitherStorm, 2 Anicornious Withers and 1 wither hybrid (the only villain who's a wither)
I have the rest time free, so who wanna play MCPE with me? My username is RealMames
Boris is a motherfucker
First he helped me to find the wrench (it was on his chest) and then he hid the book behind his left foot!
No wonder why Joey killed him
Guys, I have now unlimited internet on my phone now! ^^ That mean I can stay on my phone while I'm at school
Guys, i had a call with MCMineTube, he showed me cool render scene made with Cinema 4D and I thought I could make MC render scene! So i think i will start to make render scene, but i'll still draw, so don't worry if I'll stop from drawing
Guys, I was thinking and I will write a story, but I won't write on DA, I'll write on WattPad, sorry for everyone who wanted to see the story on DA
Fun fact
Mames is part enderman, that explain why he have a long tongue  and he can teleport
Small update about Mames:
He can spit his venom now in his normal form and dragon form
Guys, good news and bad news
The good new: I finished full Mames draw! ^^
The bad new: It's 11:35PM, and I need a good light, I'll post it later..... but still I FINALLY FINISHED FULL MAMES DRAW!!!
Um.... can someone of you give me core if you don't mind?
bye core.... it was nice to have you....

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MCMineTube Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hi Mames, have you finished what I said yesterday :D
If not, that's fine. I can still wait
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OCfactory77926 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey mames? Can u invite sarahsuz to your realm? qwq
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Dango02 Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Bendy And The Ink Machine - Bendy Icon Thank you for the fav^^
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OCfactory77926 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm on the realm again if u wanna come
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OCfactory77926 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hope u don't mind that I raid your realm for a bit XD
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